Mayor’s $20 Billion Plan to Protect NYC from Climate Change

A rendering of the proposed Seaport City, a

On Tuesday, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg presented a $20 billion plan for “A Stronger, More Resilient New York.”

The Mayor said he had no doubt that we are experiencing climate change, and must protect the city, its residents and waterfronts.

Perhaps the most bold proposal was to construct an addition onto Manhattan island, near South Street Seaport that would protect the Lower East Side from excessive flooding.  Dubbed “Seaport City”, the new area built into the East River would emulate Battery Park City, adding room for new residences, commercial areas and parks.

“Such a protection system would be a major change to the coastal edge and require consideration of water quality, the river ecology, and integration into the existing urban fabric,” the report said.

A wetland would be created behind Coney Island to control flood waters.

A surge barrier on Newtown Creek.

Many beach areas would be protected by dunes, levees and bulkheads.   The East Side of Manhattan would have removable flood walls and many power stations would be hardened.

The proposal included over 250 recommendations.  The Mayor said most of the monies have already been allocated by Congress.

This is where the “Seaport City” would be built. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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