A Few of My Favorite Savannah Buildings

The Mansion at Forsyth Park
The Mansion at Forsyth Park
images (25)
beautiful wrought iron balcony and cast iron window moldings, nicely rusted
images (24)
great old apartment building with decorative brickwork
images (23)
Georgia Historical Society has a great two story interior
images (22)
The beautiful old Jewish Temple has been updated inside by SCAD
images (21)
I love the old ballast stones from which they built this building.
images (20)
beautiful Beaux-Arts neo-classic style
images (19)
The Jepson is stark and minimal, yet fits in perfectly.
images (27)
intricate carved details on this fine old building
images (17)
I wish there were more “skyscrapers” left in Savannah; there were quite a few from the turn of the century to the 1920’s.
images (16)
nicely proportioned portico
images (15)
extremely elegant
images (14)
The Telfair Academy is old world inside and out
St. John the Baptist can’t be missed.
images (13)
always entertaining Lucas Theatre
images (12)
I love the terra cotta finish on this house.
images (11)
one of my very favorites
images (10)
love the arcade covering the sidewalk, wish more buildings used this concept
images (9)
The international style of the Drayton Tower is a nice contrast to the dark brick of Savannah.
gorgeous semi-circular portico and beautiful inside
images (7)
The City Hall is a Beaux-Arts jewel box, and being sited on the axis of the street gives it great importance.
images (6)
love the dual chimneys and fine proportions
images (5)
Mercer House is such a great Italianate mansion, you must see the inside.
images (4)
love the real terracotta facade of the Cotton Exchange and matching Lion fountain. I wish the interior was open to the public.
images (3)
love the vines growing all over this bushy house!
The Armory is a cool Romanesque design, like a fortress.
colossal pilasters and cornice of the colorful Scottish Rite Temple
The tower of the SCAD Museum of Art is a perfectly stunning design element.
perfect Greek temple on Bay St… go see inside
images (26)
my favorite, reminds me of Venice!
images (35)
cool old prison
images (33)
old south style
images (32)
post modernism in the Isle of Hope
images (31)
stark neo-classicism in Ardsley Park
images (30)
like the contrast of the yellow brick, palm trees and neo-classicism
images (29)
images (28)
second empire
wow, look at Broughton St in the 1960’s

These 38 buildings are among my favorites in Savannah.  They are not in any order, and there are so many more.  What are your favorites?

English: A map showing the designated neighbor...
English: A map showing the designated neighborhoods in the City of Savannah, Georgia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Savannah Buildings

  1. I would like to see a picture of the old Greyhound bus station which is now a local tour bus office. The building is cast concrete in the shape of palm trees.
    It is located on Louisville Road, I think. The tour company is Gray line, Oglethorpe tours. They are the blue busses. Thanks…..


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