Abomination on Abercorn

Abomination on A
Abomination on Abercorn

The best building site in the epicenter of the city of Savannah has been defiled by construction of a new pharmacy.

The intersection of DeRenne Avenue and Abercorn Street is by far, one of the busiest and most visible in the city.  It is surrounded by some of the best neighborhoods in midtown Savannah and is adjacent to some of the best upscale national retail in the city:  Williams Sonoma, The Fresh MarketAnn Taylor, Chico’s, Nadeau, Mercedes Benz, and BMW.  Finally,it is home to one of Savannah’s unique landmarks: the Savannah Globe.

It is also an important gateway to the city and the connector to the commercial south side of Savannah.  Savannah is constricted on the West by Hunter Army Airfield and marshes on the east, which funnels everything to this intersection.

I thought the City of Savannah realized its importance, as the newspaper featured architectural renderings of redevelopment at this site.

This should have been a place of architectural prominence, but with no announcement from the City or newspaper, up popped a new CVS– that looks exactly like a Kmart circa 1960.

What a wasted opportunity.  Savannah needs to promote quality growth in midtown and the south side, rather than its micro focus on the historic district.  Everything and all of us will just not fit in the historic district.

To illustrate what we may have had, here are a few idea buildings from around the country:

McHenrys-image3_projectdetail file_7820 1 rise1300h550


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