Does Anyone Remember?


The mod, fun, 1961, mid-century modern



All turquoise and white, folded concrete roof slabs, lots of curved ramps, inside and out, mosaic tiles…


… and glass window walls so you could watch the planes take off.   The new $21 million terminal opened in 1961. It was the largest in the country and could handle over six million travelers a year; the first year nine and half million people passed through.

2171961atl_1976big 2011961quonsm


Even the Gulf service station sported folded concrete roof slabs… how futuristic!


And do you remember?  A similar funky mid-century modern architecture gas station at Lenox Square?


4 thoughts on “Does Anyone Remember?

  1. Commenter #1 is right! These are fantastic photos. I wonder if you’d consider mentioning in the post that they were all borrowed from the Atlanta Time Machine? I’m always glad to share, but a little attribution seems like the right thing to do. Thank you.


    1. Absolutely, Greg… my apologies. Thank you for pointing that out and thanks for the many hours and days of enjoyment I have had reading your fantastic site. If anyone hasn’t seen it, you must go immediately to to see a museum’s worth of old Atlanta photos where many historic tales unfold.


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