Architecture: Georgia Aquarium & World of Coca-Cola


The Georgia Aquarium
The Georgia Aquarium

The architect, Atlanta’s own TVS, called it “An Ark of Bio Diversity”.

A side of the Georgia Aquarium

The design of the Georgia Aquarium’s  blue metal-and-glass exterior is meant to evoke a giant ark breaking through a wave. It is a vessel of conservation, preservation and education, represented by the large blue metal body, which slices into the wave to shed light into the deepest seas. Conceived as an urban composition of expressive architectonic forms, the aquarium represents a large body of water, undulating against the street/ “shoreline” opposite Centennial Park.


A walkway under the sea.
Interior architecture and lighting evoke the ocean experience.

Since Atlanta is far from any ocean, the design team focused on “immersion”, wrapping the guest into the underwater world from start to finish, while coming face to face with some of the most incredible ocean creatures.  The 634,000 sf building houses 120,000 animals, representing 500 species, in 9.3  million US gallons of marine and fresh water.


The cost,  with later additions, was $207 million.  Architect: Thompson, Ventulett & Stainback   Project Manager: Heery International  Exhibit Design: Peckham Guyton Albers & Viets


It has been said that “their goal is to save the planet”.

b-Atlanta 063 - 03 World of Coca Cola 1
The World of Coca-Cola

The Word of Coca-Cola is a museum and tourist attraction which opened in 2005, to replace the original which opened in 1991.




It is a 92,000-sq-ft, two-story, steel-framed structure, which shares a site with the Georgia Aquarium. The area is called Pemberton Place after the man who invented Coke.


The $97 million project’s exterior includes red brick, glass curtain wall, stucco, steel frame wall with stone-like panels.  A 120-ft-long, 40-ft-high canopy cantilevers over the entrance.  A 30-ft iconic Coke bottle hangs suspended in a 90-ft-tall block of simulated ice through which guests enter the attraction.




Architect: Rosser International, Atlanta   Exhibit Designer: Jack Rouse Associates, Cincinnati Green Building Consultant: Smith Dalia Architects, Atlanta


People outside the Coke Museum
People outside the Coke Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)












10 thoughts on “Architecture: Georgia Aquarium & World of Coca-Cola

  1. In the movie “Contact” Jodie Foster travels to the stars. And in the face of the infinite beauty she has no words to describe it. “No words …” she says. When I saw this wonderful picture, I immediately had this scene in mind, because even I would say: “No Words”.


      1. It was the first picture that the words “Georgia Aquarium”. Hard to describe what it fascinates me so much. But I think it’s the mood that has the picture. The evening sky is no longer day, but not overnight. And the building is that advances like the prow of a ship. And last but not least there is the warm light that the atmosphere transports. It’s a great building, and it’s a great picture. well done.


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