What To Do with the Braves Stadium Site?

Macro context showing The Capitol, MARTA,Oakland Cemetery, Grant Park, The Beltline, existing park & MLK School, Developable areas including Mechanicsville and along the southern Beltline.

I agree with Mayor Reed that this is a fine location for a middle class neighborhood named Summerhill. The first thing that needs to happen is to connect the main streets to the adjoining neighborhoods, the Beltline, and Downtown. Then continue the grid of streets that exists in the area. I would carve out two public squares (like a Savannah square) over the baseball diamond from each stadium, using these as basis for the design of the squares. Then, I would add a lake with a large fountain between the squares along Georgia Avenue as a gateway to the new neighborhood. At a future date, a streetcar can connect the Beltline to Grant Park, through the neighborhood and connect to one or both of the MARTA stations nearby.

This brick facade could be reused for apartments over retail.

The major brick facades may be able to be reused as facades for apartment/ condo buildings, with retail shops and restaurants below.   Other buildings could range in size from single story bungalows, to 2-3 story townhouses, and even a few taller buildings to give the area the feel of having been built over time.

Some kind of museum (baseball?) or other attraction would be a good addition to the neighborhood, but having a big grocery store and movie theatres would be necessary.

What City Center at Abercorn 7 DeRenne could look like.
What the new neighborhood could look like.

images (1) images (2) images (3) images (4) images (5)

Micro context shows highways, the two historic stadium squares, connecting the urban fabric and street grid. Also, the Olympic Torch and a new lake with fountain between the memorial parks.
Turner Field, Atlanta, Georgia
Retain Brick Exterior, remove seats/stands, retain playing field… construct apts and streets…voila!

Finally, tree lined streets, good sidewalks, lighting and landscaping would be needed, as well as good schools, and city services. Mechanicsville, Summerhill, and Grant Park could be a glorious place to live.  Near everything, including the Zoo!

Copy and Paste this to see the full Google Map:  https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=ze1vGMHRPMiY.kIofFSZugC6w


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