Award Winning Town Center in Riverdale, Atlanta

City of Riverdale Town Hall

Riverdale is a small town suburb of Atlanta south of Hartsfield-Jackson-Atlanta International Airport. Started as a train stop in 1908, it has grown to around 13,000 population in the 2000 census, but is in fast-growing Clayton County.

The architects refrained from re-creating a pseudo-Georgia architecture. The image of the City of Riverdale is to be progressive with a new original architectural character created by Sizemore Group Architects.

The Civic Center which includes a new City Hall, Community Center and the Amphitheater constitutes about 15 acres. The large recreation space doubles as a performance space for 1,000 people. A large divisible meeting space spills out onto an elevated terrace. The Community Center and City Hall are the edges of an amphitheater with an interactive fountain.

The architects won an AIA Georgia 2013 Merit Award as well as Silver Award in the 2013 Brick in Architecture Award.

Awards (1)
City of Riverdale Town Center
Riverdale Community Center
City of Riverdale Community Center

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