Arquitectonica’s Midtown Tower Trio

Plans are moving forward for the trio of towers at the previous Symphony Center site on 14th St in Midtown,

by New York-based Ashkenazy Acquisition Corp., according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Originally proposed last November, the project plans were filed yesterday. A 60 floor tower and a 57 floor tower would be built along 14th St with a shorter, but still tall, 39 floor tower being built toward the rear of the site by 2020.

The development would have a 2 levels of shopping and restaurants, as well as retail along 14th St totaling 90,000 sf, and about 1500 parking spaces. The tallest tower would include 300 residential units and a 340-room hotel. The second and third towers would include 500 residences each.

The project architect is Miami’s Aquitectonica, so expect clean lines and bold forms. The tall, narrow towers will have projecting balconies all around and a curved form as the rooftop design element.

site plan showing 3 new towers on 14th St
One of Architectonica's buildings in Miami
One of Architectonica’s buildings in Miami

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