My Favorite Design for a One Bedroom West Village NY Apartment: Remodelista

My Favorite Design for a One Bedroom West Village NY Apartment

This article comes from a favorite site, Remodelista. The design is white, white, minimalist, but still feels warm and cozy… perfect.

Beams have been covered with drywall. The stair rail doesn’t meet code– fine if you expect no children and can get away with it.
A light sculpture has been configured from rope, and bespoke cabinetry tie the Living and Kitchen into one design. Clear acrylic chairs use virtually no space.
Sleek appliances are built-in, refrigerator covered, and solid surface countertops keep the kitchen visually clean.

“Juan Matiz of Matiz Architecture & Design, returns to talk about another New York project—this time a 770-square-foot duplex in a West Village townhouse built in 1817.

In this instance, the international client lived overseas during the entire process, and asked Matiz to effect an extensive renovation—and to collaborate on the cabinetry and metalwork with Brussels-based designer Nathalie Goris. “Our client was well versed in design and his trust in us meant we could do what it took to deliver a successful project.”


“The building’s original ceiling beams and exposed brick were painted white and the wide-plank flooring was whitewashed to make the small space feel larger by maximizing the light. The palette also provides a neutral backdrop for the client’s art collection.”


“The cantilevered stairs appear to float off the wall and are matched with an elegant cast-iron rail that was fabricated by a Belgian metalsmith and shipped to New York.The stair treads are made of white oak and each has a hidden, sandwiched-in plate of steel to provide support as it cantilevers off the stair stringer.”


“The textured walls of the bathroom have a tadelakt finish, a traditional Moroccan plaster treatment that involves lime plaster hand polished with olive oil soap and rubbed with river stones. The sink and countertop are also tadelakt; the work was done by Sobro Studio, a company in New York that specializes in plaster finishes.”

The simple plan shows how one can live comfortably in 770 square feet.


“The duplex occupies a historic 1817 West Village townhouse; the second floor is devoted to living spaces and the third floor to the bedroom.”

The apartment before renovation looks its age, its small size and has no movement and light.
The apartment before renovation shows its age, its small size, and has no dynamic movement or light.

These design elements could be applied to a loft in Castleberry Hill, O4W, or Savannah. Even a newer condominium could be made minimalist, modern, WHITE and warm.

via Remodelista.


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