Georgia Globe Design Awards – Savannah

The Georgia Globe Design News presents…

First Annual Savannah Georgia Globe Design Awards


2014 has been a very busy year for planning, development and construction in Savannah.  Hotels continue to sprout up like mushrooms after the rain. Historic properties are being renovated and it seems every few weeks a new project is announced.

Before we get to the awards, however, I must give a shout out to all the architects and designers in Savannah who aren’t getting good Savannah jobs because it seems only two firms are monopolizing all the best projects!  They need to share. Developers, there are many talented experienced souls out their– spread your money around to other good architects who have waited six years for this.

The following projects were selected for their excellence in design or importance to the city.  The categories are: Top New Project Announcement, Top Historic Project, Top Project Under Construction, Top Transportation Project,

Top Missed *!#? Opportunity Award, 

and, drumroll please…

the 2014 Savannah Project of the Year.


Top New Project Announcement Award

(includes 2013, since projects are announced over and over– designs coming later)


The 3rd runner-up

is the new building planned for 215 West Broughton Street.  Its beautiful take on an Art Nouveau design facade makes me think of Paris or Brussels, and would fit wonderfully in scale, style and detail on Broughton Street in Savannah!


Critics called it “Manhattan” and “too tall”!!!  The scale model shows otherwise.


The 2nd runner-up

is the Savannah Canal District for its sensitive pedestrian-oriented design which connects the many disparate parts on the west side of Savannah.

23720736_BG3 23720736_BG1

The 1st runner-up

— and a great enlightened idea which Chatham Area Transit has proposed– before I expected it– is the Savannah Streetcar Expansion beyond River Street, south toward the Victorian Districts, Forsyth Park,and (dare I say– south of DeRenne?). This project is much-needed and will be great for locals and tourists alike.

new Orleans Streetcar
This is New Orleans, but Savannah Streetcar could look like this.



And, the Top New Project Announcement Award

Kessler Hotel at Electric Plant/ West River Street  

This audacious plan to rehabilitate the old Riverside Electric Plant is sure to be magnificent, like all the Kessler/Bohemian boutique Hotels. The Mansion on Forsyth Park and the Bohemian River St are fabulous, but this will likely be even more exciting.

KESSLER #west kessler



Top Historic Reuse Project

The 2nd runner-up

is the newly opened Cotton Sail Hotel between Bay St and River St.


The 1st runner-up

is the adaptive reuse of the historic Old Candler Hospital for the Savannah Law School.  While demolishing previous terrible additions, it reopened an original Savannah Street.

2 1

And, the Top Historic Reuse Project Award

 The Brice Hotel

A stunning reuse of the Mulberry Inn /old Coca-Cola Building, the design is fresh, tasteful and a new look for Savannah’s guests and local eaters at Pacci.

4 Brice living-room-9219



Top Project Under Construction

Homewood Suites River Street East




Top Transportation Project

The 1st runner-up is

CAT Intermodal Transportation Center for regional/local bus, future Streetcar, and bicycle rental.





The winner is Harry S. Truman Parkway Phase V



Top  Missed  *!#?  Opportunity  Award

new CVS/Krystal at DeRenne & Abercorn…

could we not do better than that– on the most central corner of the two main roads in Savannah?  Note to MPC: the Southside needs your protection, too! (ie: another Walmart to be built at Wilshire, with no restrictions!)





Top Savannah Project of  the Year

The 1st runner-up is

One West Victory

A mixed use new construction and adaptive use of historic properties.  Glad to have Chef Hugh Acheson’s Florence– hope we soon get some good restaurants on nearby Bull St at Ardsley Park.




And finally… the highest Georgia Globe Savannah Design Award for 2014

Project of the Year


Historic Broughton Street Resurgence

Ben Carter’s $100 million project includes nearly three dozen buildings/storefronts, facade restorations, streetscape improvements, a new four-story H&M fashion department store, 100 lofts and offices.

Thus far, The Ancient Olive, J. Crew, L’Occitane, Ann Taylor LOFT, Palm Avenue, and The Walking Company are confirmed or opened. Possibly Louis Vuitton, Sunglass Hut, Coach, Lululemon, Vineyard Vines, Sephora, and more may be opening.  The area already had Kate Spade, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Anthropologie, Yves Delorme Paris, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Banana Republic, and The Gap.  Fine local stores include La Villa, Paris Market, Levy Jewelers, Papillote, 24e, La Berry, Zia, Salt Table, Leopold’s Ice Cream, Globe Shoe and Savannah Bee Co. Also, many restaurants…

This may be Broughton Street’s dream come true. So Savannah, please go ahead with the streetscape improvements and traffic calming to make this a really beautiful and safe place for pedestrians.

Historic Facade Restoration underway
new L’ Occitane de Provence
#new h&M
new construction H&M fashion department store
new festive lighting and people!
Urban Outfitters & Free People
#J Crew
new J Crew store
image (1)
J Crew
image (2)
New Ann Taylor







 Happy New Year from the Georgia Globe Design News!


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