Roundabouts, Public Art & Fountains

Improve Atlanta’s traffic flow, add safety, and create memorable public places in the same move?

Road engineers and urban planners have determined that well-designed modern roundabouts / traffic circles save human lives, and make traffic flow smoother than a typical intersection with traffic lights.

Here are 12 important Atlanta intersections that could possibly be studied by the experts, if Atlantans like any of the ideas. Also, roundabouts are excellent place-makers, giving great locations for public art, fountains, and parks. A landmark for every neighborhood!

Midtown: 1oth & Peachtree

This could include a dynamic modern piece of art– homage to Margaret Mitchell? Or, to the hippies & gays that resurrected Midtown in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s!

midt round fancy



West Midtown: Northside Drive at 14th St

Maybe sculpture relating to Atlanta’s Industrial past? Or more related to a Design District?

West Midtown




Fox Theatre Historic District: Ponce @ W. Peachtree

This one would be perfect to commemorate explorer Ponce De Leon’s Fountain of Youth evocative of memories of Ponce Springs, the namesake for the road. It should relate to the old architecture of the Fox, The Ponce, and the Indigo Hotel. Lore holds that Ponce De Leon’s journey took him roughly through the area.

Fountain of Youth



Old Fourth Ward: Boulevard at Ralph McGill

Modern sculpture that commemorates destroyed Buttermilk Bottom due to the Great Fire of Atlanta?


This ethereal piece would evoke Atlanta’s Great Fire.

Piedmont Park: 10th at Virginia & Monroe

I like this location for a grand Beaux-arts design related to the 1895 Cotton States Exposition, perhaps with homage to Booker T Washington’s “Atlanta compromise” speech.


columbus circle


English Avenue & Vine City: Northside at Ivan Allen

Many notable Atlantans have lived near here including Gladys Knight & the Pips, MLK Jr, Maynard Jackson, Marvin Arrington, Herman Cain, etc., so the neighborhood could select whom they would like to honor. Or, perhaps a green landscape with flowers, or an oversized piece of modern art.

English & Vine


This design looks very Atlanta, although it is in Taipei!

East Atlanta: Moreland @ Glenwood

The Battles for Atlanta were fought all around here, or perhaps something extra-funky, like East Atlanta.

east atl

This art piece could evoke the turbulence of war and would be interactive fun for East Atlanta hipsters as well as families living nearby.


Cheshire Bridge / LaVista: @Lindebergh

Perhaps something very mid-century, as all of this area was developed in the 1950’s and 1960’s.


This space age fountain look like early Lenox Square mid-century design.

Bellwood: Hollowell at Lowery



Muskegon Mi

kolonihavehus ihueman

Ansley / Morningside:  Piedmont at Monroe

I’m thinking monumental and colorful…

Ansley Morningside



perfect for tasteful and subtle sculpture…




South Downtown:  Broad at Trinity

Since this is the oldest area of the city, perhaps something Victorian would be fitting. Hotel Row Historic District is nearby.

s downtown



There are many ways to make the roundabouts into a landmark. Here are some more examples from all over the world:


IMG_0409 P1010407 P9060036 Raul_Soares_3 roundabout11_3409936k roundabout12_3409928k tram-station-top-view-day

And, finally, some great public art which could be used in a roundabout or in Atlanta Parks:

3d5bd23378cdc4a6804121a92e717f18   3053499741_e9f4faa71d_b  colorful-optical-illusion-sculptures-by-matt-moore

Dancing Beams-Brial Monaghan


***EXCLUSIVE*** BIRMINGHAM, UNITED KINGDOM - UNDATED: Scene entitled All Change, created by light artist Sola using as part of a public art commission for Birmingham New Street Train Station where the huge 24 foot print is on the busy Hill Street in Birmingham City Centre, England. Birmingham's sun sets, but one man is still making light of his home city Wheras Banksy comes out to create something to find the next morning, blink and you'll miss Sola's graffiti, because it is only made using a camera and light. Street artist Sola, real name Peter Medlicott, 38, has been practicing Lightbombing (a take on the graffiti term 'bombing' where the artist would create a piece very quickly to avoid being spotted) for five years. His work in Birmingham includes an urban rainbow created in Paradise Circus and a public art commission for Birmingham New Street Train Station in which he created a 24 foot light feature in Hill Street. Peter first discovered the technique almost by accident. Sola has also practiced lightbombing in Dubai as well as rural areas including the Cotswolds and Glastonbury.  PHOTOGRAPH BY Sola/Barcroft Media UK Office, London. T +44 845 370 2233 W USA Office, New York City. T +1 212 796 2458 W Indian Office, Delhi. T +91 11 4053 2429 W

Oregon art   t3Park-Avenue-Paper-Chase-Sculpture-Park-Avenue-Mall-Alice-Aycock-NYC-005tampa


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