World View: Brian Kemp is Embarrassment for Georgia

No matter how you look at it,



having our Secretary of State– who is in charge of elections– also being a candidate for the Governor of Georgia

is a global embarrassment.

Georgia has been an international actor for well over a century and half. The State, and its politicians are not able to act crazily, somehow suiting only one portion of the electorate. Georgia, with all of its counties, cities, towns– and its economic powerhouse, Atlanta– are important players on the global stage.

You can just watch any news show to confirm that.


One Possible Scenario:

Don’t you worry about more traffic… for the new 8 million square foot Amazon headquarters in Atlanta. No worries of bringing 50,000 jobs and hundreds of associated small businesses to Georgia.

You don’t need to worry… that the withering small towns of Georgia will continue to be revived by many European and Asian corporations like Mercedes-Benz, Sany, Panasonic, Kia, Porsche, Lotus, Honda, and hundreds of others.

No more problems with movie and TV filming locations…

If Brian Kemp is elected as Governor of Georgia, it will be open season to dismiss our state as racist, backward, and homophobic– unwelcoming to any new national and global business, inhabitants and travelers.

There will certainly be no Amazon HQ2, no film business. And many others will follow Amazon in the exodus from Georgia.


However, I don’t believe that is the real Georgia.

As a native of Atlanta and having lived in south Georgia for many of the last 20 years, I have found that Georgians are much greater than that. Actually, we believe in traditional values… which does not include hatred of any of our neighbors. I have always found Georgians to be hospitable, interested, and filled with love– not fear.

In 1733, Georgia was established as an English colony which prohibited slavery.

Historically, the founders lost their way, with tragic ramifications continuing to this day. Still, it is good to acknowledge that the original intent for Georgia was a home for all people.

All Georgians are immigrants– whether our ancestors were born in England, Europe, Africa, or Asia. Perhaps, even a few of us have actual Native American ancestry. But most of Georgia’s 285 years include a history of many peoples, many nations, coming together for common interests– as home for our families where we can live in liberty and economic safety.

Georgia, we are bigger and better than the current scandalous Secretary of State.

We must elect Stacy Abrams as the Governor of Georgia, a woman who will look out for all Georgians, not just the precious few– which likely does not include you.


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