America’s Largest Film Studio to be Built in Metro Savannah

Medient, a film production and distribution company based in India, London, and Los Angeles, plans to invest $90 million on a 1500 acre site in Effingham County, GA.

It plans to build movie studios, an entertainment facility, a video game production facility, botanical gardens, a golf course, an amphitheater that will seat at least 15,000 people and campus.  There also will be hotels, shopping and restaurants near I-16 and Old River Road.  Once completed, the studio complex will be the largest movie production facility in the world outside of Asia.

Main Studio

The entire project also is planned to environmentally sustainable. It will generate its own power from solar panels and none of the vehicles on the property will have combustion engines.   The campus will provide health care, day care and schooling for workers and their families.

The studio plans to make eight movies a year at its new home, and movies will be shot in four different languages.

MStudioplex Birds blog pic
Aerial View

Aside from the 400  jobs for the movie studio itself, video gaming and DVD production facilities will employ another 200 people.  By the time phase I of the project is completed, the firm expects a workforce of 1,200 on hand.  Hundreds more jobs are anticipated to be generated through construction on the site and the retail and hotel sectors.

Overall View
Leaf structures
Bridge to enter Medient Studios & Entertainment District


Effingham County Courthouse
Effingham County Courthouse (Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn)

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